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More and more people are posting binary files to usenet these days. Some of these binaries are executables and audio data; a majority seem to be pictures of various things, typically landscapes, movie stars and naked people.

Glitter is an interactive GUI program for extracting binaries from newsgroups. It provides a powerful mechanism for filtering files to ensure that you retrieve only the binaries that you want. You may also schedule the binary download for a convenient time, perhaps when you are asleep, when charges are low and the network is not congested.

Glitter is a GTK+/Gnome application. It provides a graphical interface to a Perl script, gary. Gary is a modified version of Mark Stantz's Assemble Usenet Binaries (aub) program. Several features have been added, including multiple concurrent NNTP connections and NNTP authentication.

Grant Petersen has supplied some excellent animations. You may look at Grant's animations on the competition page. Grant has won the competition and his animation is included in the current release of Glitter.

Original Author : Alexander Mosley
Current Maintainer : Stephen Toothman
Last Modified: Tue Feb 1 19:45:59 CST 2005